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Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401

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Fiber opt-in certificate

Home owner hereby certifies the following:

  1. That Owner is the owner of that certain property identified below and has the power and authority to execute this Certificate.
  2. That Owner desires to be benefitted by the improvements and hereby grants FyberCom permission to install a fiber optic drop cable,conduit,and other fiber optic equipment at the address listed below and to access Owner’s property for installation and future maintenance of the line.
  3. That Owner acknowledges and understands that there are a number of legal and practical steps that FyberCom must complete before Owner’s property can receive a fiber optic line, and therefore that Owner’s execution of this certificate does not guarantee that FyberCom will be able to construct, build and/or install the fiber improvements listed.
  4. That Owner acknowledges and understands that FyberCom will not be held liable for any unmarked utilities or lines, sprinkler or irrigation systems, grass or other vegetation, landscape lighting wire or any other underground lines, conduit, or drain systems, on Owners property, that maybe damaged during the installation process.
  5. That Owner acknowledges that by opting in you are agreeing to subscribe to FyberCom internet services within 12 months after compleation of fiber improvements. Owner agrees to pay for the cost of materials and installation if Owner chooses not to subscribed to FyberCom internet services within the 12 month time frame.
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